Why I am running

  • I love this city and the people that live here and want to see them in the best position to succeed. I believe I can help the school board to work as a team that facilitates a supportive environment for students and staff.
  • I bring a passion for and experience in advocating for students and in helping to create structure for their success.
  • I have worked diligently in Ward C for the past 14 years, the area that I look to represent.
  • It excites me to be apart of setting the framework for students and staff to thrive, as this causes families to flourish. I believe that when families are strong our city prospers!
  • From my days as a junior high basketball coach to my time as Director of Finance with the NAIT Students’ Association, I have helped to create a positive atmosphere for “the team”. I love to bring out the best in those around me, and as a School Board Trustee I want to see students highlighted for what they are good at, and celebrated for what they bring to our community.

What I can offer

  • Student representation experience - Elected 5 times to advocate and represent students
    • Elected twice to the student council at Taylor University College; elected to be Vice President Academic, then President of the student body at NAIT; and then to Chairperson of the Alberta Students’ Executive Council to represent the college students of Alberta.
    • In 2005, I had the privilege to represent over 100,000 college students in Alberta. During that year there was the race for who would be the next party leader with Premier Klein transitioning. I had the opportunity to meet with each of the 7 candidates to advocate for issues such as accessibility, affordability, and improved measurements for student success. It was clear through that year of consultation and collaboration with the 18 member schools and other stakeholder groups that I had a passion for representing students and advocating to administration and government on their behalf. This experience allowed me to begin envisioning how to use those skills to serve on the Edmonton Public School Board.
  • Passion to help students overcome challenges
    • For 12 years I have worked with students who have been at times in challenging situations (e.g., children with special needs or learning challenges, Aboriginal young offenders). During my work as a pastor, I have been able to assist young adults in crisis, such as facing deep depression and even some suicide attempts.
    • I was diagnosed with personal health issues in my sixth year of post-secondary education. This experience allows me to have compassion for students who struggle and find school challenging.
    • I have overcome significant personal obstacles in the past few years, and this journey has allowed me to discover the reward of leading others to feel accepted, to understand their worth, and to believe in their unique talents and strengths that they can offer to the world around them. My goal in life is to see others be able to live authentically and free of shame, and overflowing with creativity and hope for their future. This goal is in alignment with the district’s heart for student success, particularly for vulnerable student populations.
  • Enthusiasm for numbers, strategic planning, & governance
    • I was trained as an accountant and worked for the NAIT Students’ Association as Director of Finance for seven years.
    • I invested ten years in student government, which provided in-depth experience with annual strategic planning, consulting stakeholders, and creating budgets to impact and benefit all students.
    • I enjoy meeting new people and would be honored to represent the EPSB at events, encouraging staff and celebrating students.
    • I am excited for the opportunity to tackle a variety of issues and creatively problem-solve

Key Issues

  • Mental health challenges, and creating a safe and supportive learning environment for all students
    • I appreciate the extended support on creating a safe and welcoming place for LGBT students.
    • I would like to see further support for First Nation students and for the school board to continue to review plans to see significant growth in literacy and graduation rates.
    • I recognize the massive challenges that students from refugee families are facing. I would like to see a needs assessment for these students to know how to best support them.
    • Students with learning challenges and special needs deserve the best environment to develop and succeed so it would be great to hear the progress in this area.
  • Staff development and celebrating their success
    • I want to see administration effectively and appropriately facilitate an environment for staff to grow in and continue to progress in their chosen profession. From support staff to teachers, I would like to see them empowered to thrive and find meaning and fulfillment in their work.
    • To see more opportunities for staff to have on-going training and take on areas of leadership.
  • Fiscal stewardship
    • Our provincial economy has not seen the quick turnaround some analysts proposed and so it is critical to carefully plan and make the best use of our resources
    • When I was Director of Finance for the NAIT Students’ Association, it was a humbling responsibility to know that the large majority of the revenue came from student fees. I kept that in mind during the annual strategic planning and budget process. The school board has a similar role in making sure that taxpayer dollars are wisely managed to impact students day to day, but also properly plan ahead to meet the capital demands for a growing population in our region.

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